Reduce the appearance of sun spots, capillaries and fine lines.

luminisWrinkles and dark spots can make you look much older than you really are. For younger-looking skin, photorejuvenation revitalizes your skin to its soft, youthful glow. With photorejuvenation, you will benefit from:

  • Creating smooth, healthy looking skin

  • Reducing wrinkles

  • Evening skin tone

  • Reducing redness

Photorejuvenation may be just the solution you’re looking for! Schedule an appointment with Mitchell Medical. Don’t wait another day to love your skin again!

The Lumenis Solution

As a pioneer in aesthetic medicine, Lumenis developed the first IPL technology and the first Photorejuvenation platform. The company has established itself as a long-standing leader in the field due to its vast knowledge and expertise in the market.

The Lumenis IPL with OPT™ is considered the 'Gold Standard' in photorejuvenation treatments and its efficacy has been proven in over 80 peer reviewed papers.

  • Optimal treatment safety and efficacy using Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) and Multiple Sequential Pulsing (MSP) which facilitate achieving the desired clinical results with enhanced patient comfort.

  • The Universal IPL handpiece allows for filters and spot sizes to be changed in seconds during treatment, reducing treatment time and eliminating the need for additional hand pieces.

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